3 Tips to Make Your Home Burglar Unfriendly

burglar breaking in home

Imagine coming home to see your backdoor open. As you walk inside, you see a trail of footprints running across your carpet.

You begin walking upstairs and notice the prints continue into your bedroom, and a precious piece of jewelry is missing.

Does the thought send shivers running down your spine?

Well, the good news is you can reduce the chance of a burglar stumbling into your house by making some small, inexpensive, changes, three of which will be discussed below.

1. Hide Your Online Presence

The first involves the internet. Whether we are at work or driving, the internet plays a role in how our daily lives are lived (most of the time for the better).

Social Media is great for keeping people connected, but information can easily fall into the wrong hands- especially if you have hundreds of followers.

An excellent tip to keep your home safe is to limit information to close friends or avoid displaying this online.

Make sure your location isn’t revealed underneath the comments you make on social media too.

Sometimes online platforms have access to your location and can share this information without you knowing.

The good news is this can easily be changed inside the settings menu of social media applications.

2. Be Careful With Your Conversations

This is probably obvious, but sharing your next holiday or family day out with your neighbor, family or friend should always be done carefully.

Make sure you are aware of how loud you are speaking. When talking move close to the person, and carefully watch their body language: is the person you are talking to is moving back? Simple signs like moving back can be an indication you need to speak lower.

Another great idea is to consider choosing a place with low playing music or a TV (which will help to mask your private information).

3. Keep Up Your Home’s Appearance

The final tip is especially crucial for those who work away from home or who may have frequent vacations.

You may have told your neighbor to keep a close eye on your home. The problem is this can be unreliable (unless your neighbour has a state of the art camera system watching your house).

Your neighbors will also have their own worries to manage. So, what are your options?

If your home has a car typically in the driveway, you could consider asking a friend or neighbor to park on your path.

Placing plants and trees near windows or doorways can also make it harder for potential burglars to see if someone is home and can hide any possible valuables from sight.

You may also want to invest in a smart plug which you can plug a light into, which can then control your light to turn on at darker times of the day.

If you’re looking to make your house safe and sound, these three great tips will help.

Before investing in expensive gadgets like alarms or cameras ensure that they are worth the investment by trying them out first for yourself – this way there’s no regret!

A second option could be installing motion lights outside of each door frame which can alert homeowners when someone enters their property; thirdly consider getting an alarm system but don’t buy anything without doing research on what would best suit both needs (homeowner AND potential invader).

Lanny Wallers

Hi, I'm Lanny Wallers. I am a home technology enthusiast with an interest in home automation, computers, and all things sci-fi! In my free time I enjoy watching old episodes of Star Trek while tinkering with gadgets around my house.