About Hacking Households

Welcome to Hacking Households, a website all about home automation and the future of our homes.

I was interested in home automation for a while and I tried to automate everything I could think about, but it wasn’t until August 2013 when we (my wife and I) moved into our new house that all the pieces fell together. Our new house offers us the perfect testarea to try out every possible scenario involving home automation. And that’s what this site is about.

The idea behind Hacking Households came from a holiday in The Netherlands where I noticed almost every environment was controlled electronically, from the roads to the grass in your back yard. I wanted to have total control over my house so I could show friends and family things they’ve never seen before or do things they never expected possible. And I wanted to have fun doing it.

With this site, the idea is to share what I learned from my experiments and hopefully inspire you to try new ideas on your own or just go a little bit crazy with me ;-). Enjoy!